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2017 UTEP Kids Summer Basketball Camp

This video is about the 2017 UTEP kids summer basketball camp at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas. Each year UTEP hosts this camp and it is open to kids from anywhere. UTEP Director of Basketball Operations Evan Eustachy, as well as two campers named Chase Ford and

Top 5 Offensive Basketball Plays

Top 5 Offensive Basketball Plays, These are my top 5 offensive basketball plays that I use and score the most on. The first 2 Basketball plays are 5 out basketball plays, the 3rd basketball play is a box basketball offence that works best with elementry age basketball teams. The number

Καλεσμένοι στο 1o τουρνουά ”Basketball Rising Stars” (18/6/2017)

Σημαντικές προσωπικότητες του Ελληνικού μπάσκετ μας τίμησαν με την παρουσία τους στο τουρνουά μας. Ο λόγος για τον Ευθύμη Μπακατσιά τον Γιάννη Μυλωνά και τον Θανάση Παπαχατζή, τους ευχαριστούμε θερμά!!!