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Retos de Futbol 99% IMPOSIBLES con Balón de Basketball

Y bueno gente aquí les dejo un nuevo video, esta vez comparando un balón de Basketball y uno de soccer, sin más que decir si te gusto el video ya sabes que puedes demostrarlo de 3 sencillos pasos: 1-Dándole like 2- Suscribiendote 3- Comentando -Red social- Instagram: ibarragfernando -Canal de mis amigos- Kai: Angel: Sin más

Basketball Zone Defense | What Is A Zone Defense and How It Gets Named

What is a Zone Basketball Defense and how do Zone Defenses get their names. In Basketball there is a type of defense called a zone. A zone defense is when your players are assigned a spot on the court to play defense and they will guard the Basketball if the

The ULTIMATE 5 Minute DRIBBLING WORKOUT!!! (2 Ball Basketball Dribbling Workout)

In this video we'll go through a Deadly 2 Ball 5 Minute Basketball Dribbling Workout that you can do Daily to Improve Your Handle and Become a better Ball Handler on the Basketball Court! This will help during the off-season, or just to keep your handles fresh and hot! Click

CRAZY Full Court Press Break Basketball Play | Basketball Press Break

CRAZY Full Court Press Break Basketball Play is a play that I seen the other day during a Basketball game. This is a press break that works best against a zone full court press. This is a press Break basketball play that allows open spots on the court to get