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Colin Kaepernick receives offer to return to professional football

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SPORTS NEWS TODAY: Colin Kaepernick receives offer to return to professional football
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Embattled free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has just been offered an opportunity to play professional football.

But it’s not a chance to play for the NFL.

Rather, Kaepernick has been given a verbal offer to play for the defending Arena Pro Football league champion Richmond Roughriders.

New Roughriders co-owner Jim Jones — not the deceased religious cult leader but the rapper — was asked by TMZ Sports what he thought about possibly signing Kaepernick.

Jones didn’t just seem open to the idea, he downright welcomed it.

“Kap, listen man. If you want to keep your skills up to par, man, come on down to Roughriders,” Jones said.

Any possible money issues seem to be a non-factor for Jones as well.

“We gotta couple dollars too, we can talk about some business. I think the world would pay to watch you play in any form of football,” he added. “I got a platform for you. Come talk to me.”

As far as kneeling during the national anthem goes? Jones seems to think of it as a non-issue.

In fact, he implied that the Roughriders might take it even further if the players truly want to kneel for the national anthem.

“We’re bringing out beach chairs. We ain’t just kneeling. We’re bringing out beach chairs and piña coladas,” Jones said. “And I sing the anthem.”

Jones, whose real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, also seemed very receptive about the prospect of adding free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel to the Roughriders.

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“Oooo, Manziel. … When I get back to the office I’m going to have somebody find Manziel and see if it’s possible we can get him on the court,” he said. “We got a bar in our arena, you dig? Get a couple of drinks and get on the field and get busy, Manziel.”

The Roughriders, now a part of the American Arena League after the APL merged into it, won the APL championship when they beat the Florida Tarpons 74-61.

The Richmond team finished the season with a perfect record of 8-0.

One has to wonder how Roughriders starting quarterback Jimmy Laughrea feels about the team’s new co-owner openly courting other quarterbacks. Laughrea gritted through a hematoma to play for Richmond in the championship game.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Roughriders have dabbled in a pool of former NFL players. The team recently signed former New York Jets All-Pro linebacker Marvin Jones to be the team’s defensive coordinator for the 2018 season.

Colin Kaepernick last played professional football for the San Francisco 49ers in the 2016 NFL season.

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