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11 thoughts on “Football Drop Kicks (Super Rare Plays)

  1. many of you requested it, so here it is.
    Also, I know a secret way to find any nfl highlight since 2004, If this comment gets 25 likes, I will reveal it to the world.

    Also, another thing, I made an NBA video, but I’m not sure if I should release it, tell me what you think:

    1. 2004? I don’t know. You can get any game since 2009 in HD with the NFL’s subscription thingie, NFL Game Pass, but I’m clueless as to how you can get it since 2004.

    2. CJfreshhh Why did you stop uploading condesend packer games? You said you had them from 2009 im subbed to you

    1. The reason is because it was the championship game, which are usually saved
      Here’s the link if you want it: (at 27:32)

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