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Free NFL Picks [8/17/17] Football Card Released, 4 Picks, Pre-Season GOTY, Football: 3-1 start

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10 thoughts on “Free NFL Picks [8/17/17] Football Card Released, 4 Picks, Pre-Season GOTY, Football: 3-1 start

  1. Please note: We will have 5 Football Selections this week, the “IC-5” Football Card. The Football Pre-Season GOTY is on Saturday @ 10pm est between Broncos/Niners. Also, Pre-Season Football Package is just $49 and Entire Pre-Season Football is $99. Link to Purchase: On right hand side of page.

  2. IC, I would like to buy your football package but my only concern is I focus on Big 12 and Mountain West and Pac -12. My Question is do you ever pick games outside of the Conference you list?

    1. Hi David, good question. We do. You would be surprised how many American Athletic and Mid-American Conference teams play Big 12 and Pac-12 teams. Also, we focus on the Mountain West as the 3rd conference we focus on the most. We also focus on primetime games in every conference as well so it’s really not just those 2 conferences, but for simplicity sakes we mention those 2 as we keep an eye out in more detail for those two. For example we will probably have a play on South Florida vs. San Jose State (South Florida is American Athletic and San Jose State is Mountain West as you know). At the end of the day, a win is a win is a win, doesn’t matter how big or small the school is 😉

  3. I lived in Vegas for 30 yrs. I have a background in Accounting and was on the team that opened up the SPORTSBOOK at PRIMADONNAS AND BUFFALO BILLS ON STATELINE. I remember when sportsbooks were open 24 hours and alot more people were betting. I’m not a high roller but I do bet $1100 a game on only College Football.
    Last year I paid a ..EXPERT $500 FOR A YEAR LONG SET OF PICKS…on friday he would text me two picks a week in college Football. This man is based in Reno, Nv and seemed like he had Knowledge.
    I was Wrong. He gave me 8 losers in a ROW…his picks are Guaranteed..but that means Nothing if he picks all losers..I dumped him and just took my loses…I went 8 of 10 the rest of the year. My Point is that you guys work so hard to give free winners. No one wins all the time but I like the way you manage your skill set on different games..You are the best in the Business because You run it has a Business and Not a guessing game

    1. Appreciate the kind words David. Good luck Today and thanks for watching our channel.

    1. Hi Ernie, it’s only because we do not do more than a 3-unit selection in the Pre-Season because it is in the pre-season so we keep it nominal, make no mistake, our regular season GOTY will be a 8-Unit or 7-Unit Selection.

    1. Yea, it’s Byeong over Cauley, so he’s a stroke down, but lots of golf to go. Thanks for watching our channel Del.

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