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Hockey Guy’s NHL All Star Picks (2017)

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So I wrote down my picks for an all star set up where each division gets a full roster of 12 forwards, 6 defencemen and 2 goalies. Honestly, you can make an argument that this set up could be a lot of fun and avoid the disappointment when certain players are not named to the all star game. I realize now I had zero Red Wings in the game. Throw Mantha in there, I guess.

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11 thoughts on “Hockey Guy’s NHL All Star Picks (2017)

  1. Jake>G>Ghost>Simmer in a 3v3 match. Simmonds is a PP monster and 5v5 net
    front presence, not a speedster needed in 3v3
    Jake shoulda made it, dunno why Simmer was voted in

    1. Been watching the videos for a while. You’re dislike of Getzlaf, Perry, and
      Kesler is clear. I appreciate that you try/succeed to be objective for all
      30 teams. I wish Bieksa was better here in Ana though. I know he was well
      liked in Vancouver, but is vilified by Anaheim fans due to his horrendous
      contract. Were you a fan of Bieksa in Van?

    2. Despite the fact I can’t stand the team, I respect the fact that line has
      played well every night and at both ends of the ice.

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