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Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

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Kirkland Signature Golf Ball reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks launch monitor numbers and gets out on the golf course to see what the Kirkland Signature golf ball has to offer. Reviewed up against his gaming golf ball, the Callaway Chrome Soft.

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5 thoughts on “Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

  1. Uh your paid by callaway to play clubs and ball. I trust mygolspy test. P.s
    release who pays you mark as you bad mouth taylormade but up callaways

  2. I have watched and read a lot of reviews about the K-Sig. It truly seems to
    live up to the hype. Almost all of the reviewers do say however, that the
    durability of teh K-sig might not be quite as good as the top brands. But
    really, how many of us average folks get through a round without loosing a
    ball or 2? I mean we loose them left and right! Thats the lovely part about
    the K sig being as inexpensive as they are !!! This being the case, who
    gives a flying F about the durability of it? Its not like we’re gonna play
    multiple rounds with the thing! Mark, maybe you should turn Coach Lockey
    onto these? Or does he get his chromies for free?

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