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NFL AFC Divisional Round Predictions !

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Welcome to Kickin’ iT! Just 3 average Joe’s shooting sports!

The crew talks NFL playoff predictions heading into the weekend for the AFC Divisional Round with Jacksonville Jaguars vs Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennesee Titans vs New England Patriots. WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTIONS?


Is Antonio Brown a Top 3 MVP Candidate this year? Should he win it?, see our take:

Without Wentz, can the Eagles go deep in the playoffs?, our take:

With the Carolina Panthers up for sale, news is swirling in the media about these potential candidates as the new owner(s), see our take:

Do you agree with this list of players who “CHANGED THE GAME” forever? Our Take:

Lonzo Ball or BUST, here us out:

Amongst trade rumors, who would you rather have on your team, DJ or Mark Gasol? Our take:

Comment and let us know as well what other subject you’d like us to discuss. Whether it’s consistent with what’s going on in today’s league and/or even if it’s a hypothetical or absurd idea. We like to hear and comment on the “What ifs” or any mainstream rumour floating around the media.

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