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NFL International Series Breakdown!! (Week 3 Jaguars vs Ravens)

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Hey guys, I hope you are as excited for the return of football as I am. This week we are previewing the Jaguars vs Ravens matchup that is taking place in London, England, for this first game in the International Series. Both teams have displayed quality defenses who like to rush the passer and force turnovers, while also showcasing run first offenses. This will be an interesting matchup to say the least!!!

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5 thoughts on “NFL International Series Breakdown!! (Week 3 Jaguars vs Ravens)

  1. i believe the reason they don’t have Flacco throwing deep as much is because of his back, they just don’t know how accurate he can be deep right now and don’t want to risk to much.

  2. Hey swami I want to do a franchise with a team who has never won a super bowl. I have narrowed it down to the lions and bengals who do you think is a better more fun choice.

  3. Hey Swami, this is an idea for future series to make football a little more realistic in-game, I personally use this challenge.

    I call it the “Signal Caller Challenge”.

    On defense to make pre-snap adjustments you must be either a Captain or the MLB to be able to make pre-snap adjustments or change the play.

    For example, as the Saints, AJ Klein is the signal caller, so to change the play you would have to switch to Klein to make any adjustments or change the play.

    I’m not at all expecting you to do it, but I have fun with it, and it makes it a bit more realistic as it actually utilizes the captains of your team.

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