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Shell Golf| Ben Hogan vs Sam Snead | HD

Arguably two of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Hogan with 64 tour wins and Snead with 82 tour wins duel it out at the Houston Country Club in Texas . Ben Hogan and Sam Snead with Gene Sarazen Houston Country Club U.S.A. in SHELL'S Wonderful World of GOLF

Golf Practice in winter-time

Weather too bad to go outside and practice? Here are some things you can do indoors to improve your golf swing this winter. Worked for Ben Hogan, I'm sure it'll work for you.

See Jack Nicklaus’ Putter at the USGA Museum | Golf Digest

Golf Digest's very own Max Adler heads to the USGA Museum in NJ to see everything from the George Low Wizard 600 Jack Nicholson used and golf balls fashioned from shoe leather in a WWII POW camp to the club Alan Shepard took a shot with on the moon. Still haven’t