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NFL Fantasy Football | ESPN Top 5 Fantasy Options

ESPN top five NFL football fantasy options. If you love playing ESPN fantasy football or any daily fantasy sports. This is the channel for you. King Coopa J breakdown on ESPN top five NFL fantasy football rankings. Build your NFL fantasy team with King Coopa J weekly and become your

Fantasy Football 2017 – Early PPR Mock Draft – Ep. #377

On today’s show, Jason makes his return as he, Andy, and Mike dive into a PPR Mock Draft. Watch the guys go through each pick using tier-based drafting, discussing the reasoning behind each choice. How early will Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Corey Davis, and other rookies go? Can they be

Show After The Show – Favorite SATS Moments/Worst Foods – Ep. #353

On Today’s Show After the Show, it’s a very important discussion on favorite Show After the Show moments and terrible foods. What’s the worst food you’ve ever eaten? Andy, Mike, and Jason weigh in on these very important topics. --------------------------------------------------- Connect with the #1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Visit us on the web --