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7 Most Savage NBA Playoff Fan Moments

The 2016-17 NBA playoffs haven’t been featured most competitive games so far, but that hasn’t dulled the win-or-go-home enthusiasm—and in some cases, nastiness—from fans. From hecklers taking aim at LeBron James and Kevin Durant to a fan’s actual lawsuit against Zaza Pachulia, there’s been drama, but not necessarily from a

The Best Dunks of the College Basketball Season 2016-2017

March Madness is basically upon us, and the NCAA Tournament kicks off in a little over a week. To get you ready for the month of pure, unadulterated basketball insanity to come, here are the best dunks from college basketball's regular season. Subscribe to Complex News for More: Check out

Oregon vs Texas Men’s College Tennis Doubles

January 29, 2017 NCAA / ITA / XII Division 1 Men's Team Tennis University of Texas at Austin vs. University of Oregon Amos/Soemarno (UO) def. Sigsgaard/Zlobinsky (UT) - venue: Whaling/Snyder Courts at the Weller Indoors - filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 2 at 1080p-30fps (Med. FOV) More information on this event at