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NFL Pump Up Trailer 2017-18

Get hyped for the return of NFL Football! All of the anticipation, excitement, biggest hits, tackle breaking runs, hurdles, and best catches of the 2016-17 season. From rookie sensations Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott to star receivers Julio Jones and OBJ, this has what you need to get amped for

Why To Watch Football?(Soccer) Answered!

So Today we answered a question that was like this: Why you watch Football?What is in football?It is a waste of time.Dont watch football.Restriction.A Slap to all those.One thing I missed was love FOOTBALL GIVES US LOVE TOO.3 THINGS FROM WHOM I HAVE RECIEVED LOVE MY PARENTS , GOD AND FOOT

Remember When Putin Stole the Patriots Super Bowl Ring?

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is still the owner of the Robert Kraft’s fourth Super Bowl ring. The wild story, which has been told and confirmed by both Sports Illustrated and CNN, states that Putin has the Super Bowl ring in his library, alongside other gifts from businessman, leaders, etc.

Longest Play From All 32 NFL Teams | NFL 2016

Thanks for watching! Let me know what your favorite team is below. If you want to see more quality NFL Top 10s, highlights, and compilations, subscribe to Shockwave Highlights. Sorry, I'll be sure to normalize the audio next time. :/