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This is my own brand of training , no restraints just everything that I want to be able to provide for anyone looking to work. The definition of STRONGSIDE in basketball refers to which side of the floor the ball is currently on. That means that you have the ball and you are in control, but this name doesn’t just stem from basketball.

The STRONGSIDE can relate to so many other different things in your life. In school, work your faith in God, the decisions you make, you want to remain on the STRONGSIDE, You should want to be constantly in control of your situations and the choices that you are making. The STRONGSIDE can relate to so much more in your life and that’s the agenda I really want to push with my training. Yes were focused on basketball but I want to get all my players on the strong side in life. Stay focused , humbled and always ready to work. I plan to make an impact on whoever I come in contact with.

The verse this brand will live off of is 2 THESSALONIANS 3:10 “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat” .Let’s get to work, cause we will be eating on this side, the STRONGSIDE

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