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Use This Effective Core Exercise To Alleviate Low Back Pain | moBILLity Basketball

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In this video I share an effective core exercise I’ve used to alleviate low back pain from a chronic injury I had during the end of my college basketball career.
With basketball being a jumping based sport, the body is constantly going through the “triple extension” motion. This means that the ankles, knees, and hips all have to extend in order for a body to go physically airborne. This extension if not coupled with an engaged core and abdominal wall can cause for the low back to hyperextend, causing what’s called a “lordotic curve” to occur. This is essentially your low back being arched in a fashion where it feels pinchy and painful. For me the jumping demands of the sport, the lack of this deep core engagement, and some other biomechanical deficiencies in my body caused for my low back to take the brunt of the punishment when jumping and landing.
By performing this core exercise the low back pain associated with jumping should be alleviated because it will recruit the right musculature and directly take the pressure off the low back. This will help balance your posture and allow your body to absorb force when landing rather than it hitting the low back.
Aim to do 15 of these breaths at a time and perform as much as possible! The more often you perform these core exercises the more your core and deep abdominal muscles will fire and protect your low back from the demands of jumping related to the sport of basketball. Implement this core exercise and alleviate that annoying low back pain so you can perform like you want to on the court!
Let me know how this goes and feel free to connect with me on the platforms below!

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