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Von Miller #2 on NFL Top 100

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The NFL Network’s Top 100 players for 2016 finally concluded here in 2017, and the Denver Broncos Von Miller finished at #2 on the list. This is his highest ranking ever. The New England Patriots quarterback, and Roger Goodell taunter, Tom Brady finished as the #1 player in the National Football league. After learning from Brandon Marshall that players only select 10 names to add to the list, and that not nearly every player votes every year, we can safely conclude the NFL’s claim that this list is made entirely by the players, is misleading. Broncos fans knew the list was bullshit when Chris Harris the #1 corner in the league was #63, and Aqib Talib the #2 corner in the league was at 37.

The problem is we now love the list again with Von Miller’s placement at #2. The point is we only like the list when it confirms our beliefs. Also, Vince Young decided he hates Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Taylor Swift congratulated Russell Westbrook via Twitter after he became the NBA MVP. She also has the inside scoop on the Westbrook Durant feud.

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